Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips On How to Adjust And Maintain Your Clopay Garage Door

It can be hard to adjust your Clopay garage door. Read further for clopay garage door installation instructions.

Firstly, you have to close the door completely, and then work from the inside. You wouldn’t want the door to close on you in the middle of working on it. Secondly, you have to check the metal tracks for dings, very smooth places, or any pinches.

If you notice any damages, flatten them out using a rubber mallet. Extremely damaged places will have to be replaced. You also have to inspect the mount brackets which keep the tracks in place. If any of the mount brackets are loose you will have to tighten the bolts and screws to keep them in place.

Ensure that your Clopay garage door tracks are properly aligned. Vertical tracking has to be accurately flush or plumb, close the exact same height as the garage wall. If you see any tracks that are not correctly aligned, you should loosen the bolts of the mounting bracket. But you should not totally loosen them.

Horizontal tracks have to slightly slant downwards, towards the back of the garage. You can use a rubber mallet to gently hit the tracks into the right positions. Use a level to double check the alignment before you tighten the screws or bolts.

Use a good lubricant spray, or one that is recommended by the manufacturer to lubricate the pulleys, rollers and tracks of your Clopay garage doors.

If you notice that one of the screw holes is large, replace the present screw with a longer one. Correct any sagging hinges. Also inspect the hinge’s screws and check for any other damage.

You also need to inspect the electric eyes that are on both sides of the door frame. These have to face each other in order to work correctly. Next, test your doors without the clopay garage door openers.

If the door works fine, then your problem may be the clopay garage door opener, and not the actual door. Next step is to reconnect the opener for your Clopay garage door. Reduce the travel limit for when the door closes and reverses.

If the door goes in the opposite direction without any manipulation from you, then you have to change the closing force. Altering these two things can make a great difference in the operation of your Clopay garage door.

You also have to check your Clopay garage door springs. Extension springs are attached at the back of the track. The torsion springs are at the top of the track. To repair a damaged torsion spring you have to hire a professional Clopay garage door installer as the spring can break and result in terrible injuries for the DIY’ers.

Use the clopay garage door installation instructions to determine the needed tension for all the springs. They are different, depending on the type of door.

Monday, September 7, 2009

More About Clopay Garage Doors

Garage doors are an essential part of our garages especially if you are living in a not so safe neighborhood. They are also critical to the safety of your home and it can turn out to be the weakest link to the security of the whole house. For this reason you have to be extremely careful when it comes to garage door selection and buying new garage doors. When it comes to garage door choosing, keep in mind the pricing and the quality of the doors. You do not want to go for cheap garage doors and end up compromising the safety of your garage and your home in general. When it comes to price go for the best door and not the cheapest. Clopay garage doors are some great products that will greatly assist you in protecting your home while providing elegant designs with aesthetic appearances.

The manufactures of the clopay garage doors market them on different levels. These include the portfolio of the garage door and classic garage doors. With clopay garage doors you can find residential garage doors, roll up garage doors, insulated garage doors and even automatic garage doors. Clopay offer a variety of products that are considered to be top quality and excellent designs. Clopay garage doors are extremely durable and are known to last for a long time.

With clopay garage doors you might not require regular garage door services to maintain your garage doors. The good thing about the clopay doors is their guarantee which is made possible by the warrantee on their different products. They will not disappoint you no matter what kind of product you require from them. One can check their site on the internet and view the different products on sale. They have dozens of product lines that are of highest quality.

They have garage doors for sale. They also do all kinds of after sale services including garage door motor and garage door opener repair. If you are not satisfied you can go and visit one of their stores and get a closer look of these products. This will help in giving you a good idea on which garage door to choose for you garage. The most important thing to note while purchasing clopay garage doors is that let price not be your sole determinant. Check quality design also.

The portfolio line of the clopay garage doors consist mainly of what is known as three premium products. They include the coachman series, reserve collection and the classic lines.
Information about clopay garage doors can be found at any of the local home depots near you. Most of these depots sale the complete collection of both the portfolio and classic clopay garage doors model. They also offer installation services if you are not good with your handy work.

Clopay garage doors are excellent in quality and they have a good reputation for this. They are the best garage door brands around and they offer variety of options in both designs and sizes.

Clopay Garage Doors Review

Most people nowadays own garages. Due to their location, that is being outside the house garages require secure garage doors. There are very many types and kinds of these doors in today’s markets. Different people have different tastes and varying preferences when it comes to choosing an appropriate garage door for their garages.

Factors to be considered when buying a garage door include among other things, durability and structure of the garage door which mostly comes down to the material used to make it. Another factor is the aesthetic appearance and most of all its price. Some of the most known brand of garage doors is the clopay garage doors. They come with high recommendations and some excellent reviews.

Clopay garage doors come in variety of sizes and shapes. They also vary in design and their material. Materials range from steel, aluminum, glass and wood. These garage doors have a reputation of being the most trusted brand garage doors and most of them come with garage door installation. For this reason you can have wooden garage doors or steel doors with garage door springs.

The clopay brand of garage doors have different collections that come under variety of names. The garage door prices also differ with the type of collection. This allows consumers or buyers to choose a door for their garage based on style and affordability. One can choose from the various collections namely; the reserve, coachman, gallery and the grand harbor.

These collections further come in designs and styles meant to appeal to the eye while keeping the standards of quality and durability very high. It all depends on an individual’s taste. You can find roller garage doors, steel raised panel doors or even flush panel doors in all of these collections. You can also get a classic line if you want to throw your garage back in time.

Recently they have been able to cater for those people who are looking for a contemporary look for their garage doors. If you need a door made of aluminum or glass then the Avante line is the collection you need to go for. The cost of maintenance and garage door repair is very low and one gets a warrantee that makes all this easy.

When it comes to the most popular premium product of the clopay garage doors, the coachman series takes the price. It has the following features;

• Made up of four layers in which insulation is contained within a bi-layer of steel.
• They have a simulated wood finish.
• The coachman series are in carriage style and they are beautiful.

On the other hand the gallery collections are
• Made of grooved panel steel garage doors and sectional garage doors.
• They have a classic vintage style appearance.

The reserve collection from the clopay garage doors brand are mostly made of wood especially cedar or red wood. If you get a new garage door of this collection you will notice how elegant it appears. The only problem is that this kind of door requires constant maintenance.